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3dsMax 2021.3 New Retopology Modifier Test Gallery

3dsMax 2021.3 has been released. The biggest addition of this update is the brand new Retopology modifier. I’ll have another post for the collection of showcase and tutorial videos.

It comes with 3 algorithms to choose, Reform, InstantMesh and QuadriFlow. Reform is the internally developed Autodesk’s own retopology engine.

I have had a chance to beta test while is was developed. This post is the collection of images that I have created while beta testing. I tried my best to test many different types of sources includes 3D scanned model, ZBrush sculpting, CAD import, booleaned meshes and more. Enjoy!

Make sure click image to see big to see wireframe better. Under the image I also tried to post the original source of model as much as remember.

ZBrush Sculpt

296k , 408k

201,881 Poly
Original model 1.2 million poly
Close up
60k, 210k, 2.8mil

732k / 86k / 32k / 20k / 8.6k vets

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Scanned Model
100mil / 300k/ 100k verts
857k / 513k / 116f faces


1.5 mil vs 220k

CAD Import


Up Resolution

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52,464 / 106,302 / 246,787 / 394,237