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3dsMax 2023 Highlights

3dsMax 2023 – Snap Working Pivot
Quick way to place and align working pivot. Just place the mouse near where you want to have a pivot and press CTRL+ ~ to see the magic happens!

3dsMax 2023 – Retopology 1.2
Pre-processing == faster and better retopo result.  Data propagation == Now it preserves UV and more! Preprocessed mesh(Remeshed mesh) is super sim friendly.

3dsMax 2023 – glTF Material and Exporter
Not just an exporter. A dedicated glTF Material and accurate viewport representation.

3dsMax 2023 – Autobackup Improvement
Your voice has been heard. A lot of work has been done to make autobackup experience smoother. New Autobackup Toolbar – Enable/Disable button, Autobackup Time Interval progress indicator, Reset Timer. Minimize user activity interruption – Timer only progresses when the scene is changed. Timer will pause when users are interacting with max. Compress on Autobackup, Prepend Scene Name , Better handling of simultaneous Max sessions.

3dsMax 2023 – Compress Save Performance
Continuing file save performance improvement of 3dsMax 2022.Save with compression performance has been greatly improved(500% to 2500% in my test) with New zstandard compression engine. Now saving with compression on will only take 10-15% longer than with off in my test case. Before this improvement, turning on compression on used to be 400-600% slower than off. In many cases, now saving with compression on in 3dsMax 2023 is even faster than compression off in an older version.

3dsMax 2023 – Pipeline integration v2
Now you can control pipeline integration env var per 3dsMax version! Also now autoback and MCG folder can be set by env var.%ADSK_3DSMAX_MAJOR_VERSION%, %ADSK_3DSMAX_MINOR_VERSION%, ADSK_3DSMAX_ENVVAR_TOKEN_SUPPORT,ADSK_3DSMAX_AUTOBACKUP_DIR,ADSK_3DSMAX_ROOT, ADSK_3DSMAX_USERTOOLS_DIR

3dsMax 2023 – Occlude selection mode improvement
Further optimizations have been made to the Occlude Selected functionality. The selection performance and accuracy has been greatly improved.

3dsMax 2023 – Physical Material Autodesk Standard Surface Compliant mode
Thin Film and Sheen support.

3dsMax 2023 – FBX Maya Interop
Improved FBX so now it supports the physical material and you can send to/from Maya without much loss of data.

3dsMax 2023 – Render/Viewport Instancing API
This new API provides a consistent way for third party developers to provide instancing data for a Renderer and viewport.

3dsMax 2023 – Volume Display API
This new API simplifies displaying a volume in the viewport when a plugin provides the voxels data, positions and display options. MaxToA Volume object in MAXtoA 5.2.0 is using this API.