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3dsMax 2023.2 has been released with the new feature-packed Array modifier.

This is an array/tile “rigger” based on the new Array modifier. I originally wanted to make a series of tutorials. But, I had to admit that typical Max users are too lazy to follow all the steps. So, I just made this script. I still hope to have some tutorials. But, you can just use this meanwhile.


The generated object is “rigged”. If you change the base object size, the array/tile will adapt to it.

  • 4 geometric patterns – Circle, Diamond, Triangle, Hexagon
  • 4 tile types – Herringbone, Chevron, Wood Strip, Basker Weave
  • Option to make Chamferd/Non-Chamfered version
  • Initial Size option
  • Clone UV ID
  • 5 Material presets
    • Bitmap projection
    • Random Color MTL – random color between 2 colors per clone.
    • Random Switcher MTL – randomly chosen colors per clone among 5 given color. You can change the amount of color.
    • Random UV Offset Bitmap MTL – randomly offset UV transform and color for a bitmap.
    • Random Advanced Wood MTL – randomly offset UV 3D transform and Advanced Wood material