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3dsMax 2022.2 Highlights

3dsMax 2022.2 has been released with new/improved features and fixes. Here are some highlights. Please check Unofficial 3dsMax What’s New for all 3dsMax updates in detail!

Unfold3D Packing – New

The well known Unfold3D tech has been introduced to 3dsMax 2022.2.  You can enjoy Unfold3D Peel, Pack and Relax. Unfold3D Pack works great. But, it requires to have non-manifold clean faces. When it is not, Unfold3D struggle to fix by itself and usually ending up in mangled output. So, #3dsMax dev went one step further and implemented automatic uv data fix.

Unfold3D Peel – New

Unfold3D is the default algorithm used for the Peel functions now inside of 3ds Max 2022.2 with the Unwrap UVW modifier.

UV Editor Performance Improvement

Improved performance of selection and uv manipulation by multithreading and optimizing memory allocations of topology validation and selection algorithms. Also threaded and batched data gathering for uv window painting. Add modifier, opening UV editor, switching sub-object mode, selecting and transforming sub-object is now a lot faster. In the video, you can see selecting an UV element is 10 times faster.

Smart Extrude – Multi Cut-Through & Partial Merge

You can now drag a face through multiple surfaces, or drag a face partially through a volume of a mesh and it will cut and clean the geometry as expected. It has been enhanced to produce more accurate results that might occur from numerical precision on overlapping faces. The stability has been also improved when quickly moving the results back and forth before committing to a final position.

File Save Performance Improvement

File save code has been greatly optimized by caching data instead of recalculating it, minimizing moving file pointers, eliminating the object creation/destruction and setting\clearing flags instead.  Tested with 10 files which took more than a few seconds to save previously. The file save without compression is now 193% faster and 423% faster with compression on than 2021.3. In many case, turning on compress in 2022.2 is faster than composers off in 2016. I have a 6G scene(compress off) with 25mil tris. 2016 compress off took 118s to save. 2022.2 compress ON took 102s.

Pen Pressure Improvement

More device support as long as they support Wintab32.dll. (E.g. Huion, XP-Pen). Now 3dsMax 2022.2 supports the full range of pressure sensitivity that is offered by the pen tablet device by checking with the Wintab32.dll on your local Windows system. (E.g. Huion Kamvas16 support 8192 level)

Improved Hide by Category

New Qt UI. New Show Renderable Only checkbox. New Scene Contents to show only categories which exist in the scene.

USD b0.2

A lot of new features has been added since beta 0.1 including transform/animation support. Various export options include fully customizable uv data export. Ready to use pre-compiled USDView with all required Python module.

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